the sum of our parts


Subpersonalities are our inner-world personifications, and the figures we meet in our dreams. In working with subpersonalities, we begin to discover our own healthy multiplicity, and the richness that such a world-view affords.

A subperpersonality is a normal part of the human psyche which holds collections of related memories, affects, and beliefs. Generally understood to have an archetypal core and a more personal shell, subpersonalities are sometimes called complexes or parts. The alters of multiple personality (dissociative identity) can be understood as complexes with more profound barriers between them.

what are


Learn the basics of subpersonalities: who they are, what they do, and how they affect our lives. If you’ve ever marveled at your behavior, thinking, “That didn’t seem like me, at all!” this introductory article might be of interest. pinned article

how does it feel

when a complex is active?

Psychological concepts are often best understood through the lens of our experience. In this article, we get to know complexes, or subpersonalities, by considering what it feels like when they are present and active. article

Mansion of Mind

The Imaginal World of Stephen Leeds

Brandon Sanderson’s novella trilogy Legion explores the larger-than-life imaginal world of Stephen Leeds and his community of subpersonalities. In this relatively spoiler-free exploration, we consider the series through the lens of complex psychology. article

Multiple Personality

The Complex Psychology of Dissociative Identity Disorder

What do personal complexes and the alters of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) have in common? Here we consider the shared origins of alters and complexes, ultimately suggesting that it is not plurality of psyche, but rather the impermeable barriers to communication between parts of a dissociative self, that constitute the ‘disorder.’ article


Celebrating the Complex-Driven Psyche

Often cast as the underdogs — or even the villains — of our inner world, complexes are a foundational part of the psyche. When we consider them through a more heroic lens, we discover just how much they have to offer. article