other voices in imaginal studies

Jung’s Map of the Soul

by Murray Stein

This book offers a smart, well-written overview of the inner world in complex (or depth) psychology. book link
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Inner Work

by Robert A. Johnson

An excellent guide for beginning and intermediate practitioners of active imagination. book link

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

by Carl Jung

Part myth and part memoir, this fascinating read details Jung’s life and the development of his psychological model. book link

No Bad Parts

by Richard Schwartz

An overview of the Internal Family Systems model of multiplicity which trusts firmly in the psychic reality of inner selves. book link

An Infinite Mind

Resources and annual conference for those affected by Dissociative Identity / Multiple Personality.   web link

International Association for the Study of Dreams

An organization of professionals and interested dreamers from around the world.   web link

The Universe in Consciousness

by Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo Kastrup’s paper, The Universe in Consciousness, offers an intriguing new model of cosmology and consciousness. The universe, he theorizes, resembles a dissociated psyche, and we, the individuals living in it, are its alters — essentially, complexes. This theory opens doors for exciting interdisciplinary explorations of complex psychology. For the original paper, visit the link below. For a more accessible version, try the article from Scientific American. paper link
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