active imagination

dreaming with eyes open [1]

Active imagination

Active imagination is a method for working with inner imagery, making the unconscious more accessible to the conscious mind. Active imagination has been likened to dreaming with eyes open.

Active imagination is set of techniques used for engaging the images and figures of the unconscious psyche through imagination. Visual and performing arts can be forms of active imagination, as can conscious imaginal dialogue and adventures with inner figures.

what is

active imagination?

An introduction to the concept of active imagination, especially its dialogic form. If you’re curious to know what happens in active imagination, and who you meet when you get there, start with this overview. pinned article

Courts of the Ancients

Machiavelli’s Academy of Active Imagination

Who would have guessed that Machiavelli might have something to teach us about active imagination? A close reading of a short Machiavellian passage reveals real insight into imaginal practice. article